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Tuesday, May 24 2011

Photos from the Peconic Star II during the month of May.

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Fishing Report - Tuesday 5/24/11

Tuesday, May 24 2011

The Fluke showed us their uncooperative side today. All day the fish proved to not have an appetite. A fair amount of fish were foul hooked, which told us they were there, just not interested in eating. One our most skilled customers did manage to do quite well. Sal Giambrone of Holbrook boated a 7.60 lbr, a 6.30 lbr, and a 5.80 lbr. By far today's high hook. Interestingly, the crew mentioned that they noticed when filleting today's catch, none of the Fluke had anything in their stomachs. Are they getting ready to chow down??!

Fishing Report - Monday 5/23/11 (Peconic Star Express)

Monday, May 23 2011

A dark cloudy day and some decent Fluke action. Good drifting conditions resulted in some nice fish. Mike Ostermann of Schwenksville, PA had a nice 6.50 lbr plus his limit, also Glenn Glantz of West Babylon with a 5.50 lbr plus. The only rain we saw today was in the last half hour of the day. Sea lice on some of the fish is the best indication that Fluke are continually swimming in. Just a reminder that the Peconic Star Express will be sailing every day at 7AM for Striped Bass.

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Fishing Report - Sunday 5/22/11 (Peconic Star II)

Sunday, May 22 2011

The Peconic Star II had a good day on Fluke. Donna Rudolph of Mattituck who started off the season on day one with a 10.25 lbr  came back today and proved her skill. She caught three big Fluke weighed in at 6.70 lb, 6.10 lbs and 5.85 lbs...a killer day!  Fluke action was good in the morning with most of the larger fish caught on the first four drifts. A steady pick of mix sizes in the afternoon rounded out the day

Fishing Report - Sunday 5/22/11 (Peconic Star Express)

Sunday, May 22 2011

The Peconic Star Express caught a nice mess of cocktail Blues, while waiting for the tide to start running then concentrated on the Striped Bass. Picky but steady action was the name of the game today. 11 anglers ended up with 18 keepers. Kyle Carpenter caught his first Striper ever and Mike Johnson had a couple of nice Bass. Charlie Tinnin of Cutchogue also had a banner day.

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Fishing Report - Saturday 5/21/11 (Peconic Star Express)

Saturday, May 21 2011

The Striped Bass took a beating today. Michael Garry and the members of the Nassau County court had an excellent trip with over 40 keeper Striped Bass to over 30 lbs caught. Izzy Medina with a 25.14 lbr and Michael Kilbride with a 23.70lbr among some of the big bass caught. Tim Zanchelli was high hook today on bass, and Chris Quinn had a 6.70 lb Fluke...Great day on the Express which will be sailing by reservation every day at 7AM full day!

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Fishing Report - Saturday 5/21/11 (Peconic Star II)

Saturday, May 21 2011

Strange bite today. The five biggest Fluke on the boat today were all foul hooked. Chris Ko of Hempstead had a 5.80 lb Fluke, J.T. Kim of Queens had a 6.20 lbr, and Dennis Staeckeler of Wading River had a 6.35 lbr. a couple other fish in that league walked off the boat without notice. Most folks caught enough for dinner, but skill and experience today were key!

Fishing Report - Thursday 5/19/11

Thursday, May 19 2011

Just a handful of people on a 90 foot boat today, Lots of  folks scared by the weather reports. Too bad, the day turned out  beautiful. Jim Elefante' of Holbrook boated a 9.50 lbr. which was  officially weighed in at WEGO bait shop in Southold. Plenty of action and not even one tangle today.

Fishing Report - Wednesday 5/18/11

Wednesday, May 18 2011

Lots of rain in the forecast but not much rain on the boat at all. As often happens, the weatherman ruined a good day fishing for a lot of folks. The afternoon was absolutely balmy.  Not a good strong bite today, but most folks went home with a limit or close to it. Nice size Fluke and plenty of Bluefish action in the morning!

Fishing Report - Tuesday 5/17/11

Tuesday, May 17 2011

Rainy day, lots of room on the boat, no tangles and some BIG Fluke caught by those folks who know that these kind of days can be memorable.  Joe Vitale of East Hampton  8.70 lbs! Bob Kujawski of Greenport 7.65 lbr.  You sun worshipers missed out on a super day!!

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